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Working at Tokai

Tokai Carbon is committed to each employee’s safety, the environment, and all the communities that we partner with. With a strong dedication to quality products, top quality customer service, Tokai Carbon CB offers careers in Human Resources, Engineering, Logistics, Finance/Accounting, Research and development, quality assurance lab positions, Sales and Customer service, entry level manufacturing plant positions, and upper level Management positions. Our Corporate office and Research and Development center is in Fort Worth, TX. We have 3 locations that manufacture our product in Big Spring, TX, Borger, TX, and Addis, LA.

We respect that each employee brings something unique to the team and the company. We promote within the company and will mentor and develop you to succeed in being an asset to the team that you are a part of. At TCCB you will find many employees who have promoted quickly, simply because of their work ethic and ability to contribute to the company as an individual. 


TCCB’s work environment is centered around the idea that all employees contribute in a meaningful way to the company’s success, and that all talents and skills are valued. Working at TCCB is also an opportunity to stretch one’s limits and learn new skills in an encouraging and welcoming environment.


Our Team

The team at TCCB is a diverse and talented group of people who not only care about the bottom line but take our parent company’s philosophy to heart. Tokai Carbon LTD believes in the importance of the reliability between Tokai Carbon and our stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, the environment, and local communities).  Being a part of the team at TCCB will not only give you a place to fit in and belong but you will feel that you are contributing to the quality of our product, keeping the environment safe, and promoting community development.

Our Values

TCCB is committed to providing high quality products with top-tier customer service while also seeing to the needs of all company supporters, from customers and employees to the outside community and environment. We want to use our company to help create positive change in our communities, both inside and outside of the company. This is reflected in our vision statement: “A Global Carbon Company Contributing to a Better Society.”

Employee Comments

"The company has given me and others many opportunities for growth and learning.  We are always given opportunities to develop as more rounded leaders delving into realms outside our comfort zone but rewarding in the end.  This continued path of knowledge and learning has allowed many to progress from junior employees to senior leaders." 

-Tod, Logistics

"Stability of the company, excellence in what they do, comparable pay, low turnover rate, good heath insurance, and an understanding that there is life outside of work."

-Rachel, R&D

"The company gave me the opportunity for advancement not totally dependent on education. I have always felt like I mattered as well as my opinion matters, and I know that is not the case in a lot of companies."

-Ronnie, R&D and QA

"They don't make you feel like a typical employee, they make you feel like you count as part of the team. Everyone seems to get along well. The ticket give a ways to sporting events, always seems to be a good way to relax on time off. I really enjoy that we still take time to enjoy a holiday or a birthday. I enjoy coming to work."

-Lydia, Accounting & Finance

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